Your starting pay will be $2.50 per hour

I have never striven for 0% turnover in the departments I manage. I think it is great for new people to enter our organization and bring new ideas and renewed energy. I also think it is good for people to be exposed to different careers, especially when they are young. So, when someone announces their departure I usually accept the news in good spirit. This time was different.

Sue announced that she will be retiring from Affinity Health System in June. She was employee number 2 in the Information Technology department (back then it was data processing). This was several years before we had our first computer. Instead, Sue was responsible for organizing key punch jobs that were sent to a mainframe computer that was shared by several hospitals.

Sue has always kept meticulous records. I always found it ironic that someone with this much IT experience loved her paper records. I suspect she has seen a lot of computer disasters. As proof of this behavior, I submit to you this:

Header from Sue’s Offer Letter

This is the letterhead from Sue’s offer letter which is still in her files. Did you notice the date? I would encourage you to click on the image so you can see the entire offer letter. It includes an attempt to phototcopy a picture of the equipment (graphical printing did not exist). There are some precious historical references here, including:

  • Sue’s starting salary was $2.25 per hour (she makes more now)
  • Sue’s supervisor felt compelled to explain the function of a CRT
  • The Data Processing department consisted of the following state-of-the art hardware:
    • Control Data Corporation (CDC) 200 User Terminal
    • (2) IBM 1050 Data Terminals
    • (2) 029 Key punch machines

Sue, thanks for your years of service. Your willingness to keep learning has allowed you to adapt to multiple generations of technology. More importantly, you have touched many lives, including a lot of patients you never got to meet. Enjoy your much deserved retirement.

8 thoughts on “Your starting pay will be $2.50 per hour

  1. That is amazing! I have only heard about key punch machines. Maybe one day I’ll get to see one (in a museum maybe). 😀

    Congrats on retirement, Sue!

    History on the

  2. Great note.
    Congrats to Sue on her retirement and its very nice that person in senior leadership role recognizes the contribution of an employee who has served organization for such a long time (the way you did it).

  3. Sue has been Leaving for years but I never thought the reality of it would happen. It is so bitter sweet to know of this announcement. We will miss Sue for her quality work but mostly how she genuinely cared for the customer and patient!

  4. Sue,

    To my sister who has been a special friend throughout my lifetime I say you have earned a living and have earned a life and now deserve retirement.A time to catch up on anything you have missed in the past.

    Afavorite quote of mine has always been; “You earn a living by what you get. You earn a life by what you give.” You have not only given with great dedication to your work, but to your family as well. I am proud to say you are my sister and thank you for all you have done for all of us.

    Your Brother Russ

  5. Sue,

    I am so very happy for you; you are truly a deserving person!
    You are one of the most dedicated and most hard working individuals that I have ever met; not to mention you always do it with a smile and patience! Thanks for being my mentor, my friend and a great shopping buddy! Miss you lots!

    I feel blessed that God allowed our paths to cross. Have a wonderful retirement and do…. whatever you’d like, whenever you want to! Take care, Leslie

  6. Sue,

    I think a picture of your face will live at Affinity Health System as anyone discusses the systems and processes that have been put into place over the years. It has always been my pleasure to work with you on installions/applications. You are the best!!!
    Take care of yourself and have a great retirement. You deserve it.
    Remember some of those adventures we had to take for training? Boston, New Orleans… I will always remember your professionalism and appreciate your knowledge and dedication.

    Best wishes always,

  7. Sue,

    I feel very blessed to have worked with you. You are an inspiration to all of us, and I feel that Affinity is a better place because of you! Along with your knowledge and experience, you brought a great sense of humor and a special caring attitude. Thanks for the years of being there for me as a mentor and friend. Now you have earned some relaxing and fun time for yourself and your family. Enjoy!


  8. Will, thank you for putting this on your Blog. Several people have paid a visit and enjoyed it. I thank you for your support during these past years at Affinity and I wish you the best in the years to come. I hope I don’t get a bill for all of the paper I used! Sue

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