Web 2.0 Favorites

I love some of the web 2.0 tools.  I use a lot in my personal life and some have even crept into the enterprise…


I have blogged in the past about QuickBase.  This web-based tool allows the average person to create a simple database application.  It has taken off like wildfire in our organizations.  You know something is meeting an untapped need when you see this kind of organic growth.  The other validation is the acceptance by our partners.  Consultants, vendors and others take to QuickBase quickly.  Because it is web based you can add an external person without going through IT.

We have over 3,000 applications in QuickBase.  The vast majority are created by non-IT users.  There are some common applications like team workspaces and contract issue tracking.  Some are more unique like the one we created to track schedule our interpreters and track their time.  I am aware of scores of niche applications that we have been able to eliminate or avoid because we were able to meet the need with a QuickBase application.  It is a great value and QuickBase has proven to be enterprise-class in its stability.


Gliffy is a web-based drawing program ala Visio.  It is much simpler than Visio and the missing functionality appears to be the kind of stuff that the average user does not miss.  I have been using Gliffy quite a bit lately and an considering using it as a less expensive Visio alternative.


My use of twitter seems to inconsistent.  at time I track my ever move.  Then I get out of the habit of updating it for a few days.  Because I record how I spend my time it helps me keep a history of what I do.  More importantly, it is a great way for my folks to keep tabs on my.  My 160 team members are spread across Wisconsin.  This is there way to see if I am reachable and how to best reach me.

Does anyone out there have other web 2.0 favorites?

11 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Favorites

  1. My personal favorite is Google Docs. Great for collaborating on a document.

    I also put wiki applications on there even if they aren’t specifically Web 2.0. They’re close enough.

    What’s your twitter address? Or is it private?

  2. I’d recommend Coghead (www.coghead.com).

    This web app development platform has allowed me to create robust applications, as an individual who can’t write a line of code.

    It’s allowed me to meet needs that could never justify the investment in time by our Corporate IT.


  3. I have to go with Twitter as my favorite, even though much of what I post is dribble. I use it as my social/professional network and no longer use other professional networking sites. It is highly social, but I have also made great professional connections that I use to discuss software that a few of us are working with. I am also a remote worker, so this kind of communication is ideal if such networks are not available at my place of work.

    I also love my personal wiki (MediaWiki on a W.A.M.P stack), but have found I am using Google Notebook more and more as a temporary space to park stuff. I don’t have a lot of time to maintain various Web applications and try to limit this to testing new wiki engines.

  4. I second Qucikbase.

    Google Apps is great but often IT locks down google/gmail access.

    Quickbase is the web 2.0 app i’ve seen adopted by large companies i’ve worked for.


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