I need a consultant

The problem with not using consultants is that when you do want one, they are hard to find.  I had been keeping in touch with Andy Smith since I left FCG 18 years ago.  So, I sent him an email today asking if he could help me with something and his email bounces back from the FCG server.  Sheesh.

So, I am trying to do some good old fashion benchmarking of similar-sized IT organizations.  I know that HIMSS Analytics has some data.  But, I really need a consultant to help me with data gathering on my side and turning that data into some insightful analysis.  My plan is to present this to my IT Customer Advidory Board (aka Steering Committee) in the first week of February.  They have been asking how we compare to similar organizations, which is a good question.

If anyone has an idea who might be good at this please leave a comment here on the blog (so everyone will know).  This is a rare opportunity for a healthcare IT consultant to make a connection with our organization.

8 thoughts on “I need a consultant

  1. What you’re asking for is right up my ally! Send me some detail of what you want to collect and from whom and I’ll discuss with my partner about doing a free web based presentation which would include graphs and charts of the data collected. Data collection can be static or dynamic, which ever you need.


  2. Hi Will,

    Really enjoy your blog! Saw you were looking for Andry Smith. He was reachable a few months ago at mailto:asmith@impact-advisors.com. Hope he doesn’t mind me posting that here : )



    Michael Doyle
    Manager, Analytics and Systems Integration
    Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation

  3. Will – I’m sure Andy has resources but you may also want to check with Rick Edwards at Howard County General Hospital who does an annual survey of just MEDITECH sites (Magic and C/S) as to number of staff, devices, apps, servers supported, etc. It’s a little crude but it might provide some comparable info.

  4. Hey Will,

    If you haven’t already filled this request, please let me know. I have an idea for you that will fit your budget. 🙂


  5. I realize you needed the information for early February, and that deadline has passed–so I guess I should check this site more often.

    However, I’d like to encourage you to contact one of the librarians at Affinity or MHC first, because we have access to many resources and would be happy to help you with your information needs.

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