I have just completed a PACS analysis and have to conclude that one cannot build a financial business case for PACS. I am finding that the cost of PACS maintenance alone offsets the film and productivity savings. In which case the millions of dollars in capital are all for naught. Sure there are “intangibles” such as improved turnaround time of radiology reports and the marketing value of the sporting the latest technology, but those are not worth the total investment in my mind.

So, how are these things getting bought? I believe They are added into new contruction projects where thay are a relatively minor cost and escape a thorough analysis. From there you are on the slippery slope where you need to continue to make investments to continue to do thing the “digital way.” These back door acquisitions also lead to poor acqusition processes that result in higher costs than and other disappointments.

Email me if you would like to see my PACS analysis.