To Do 2.0

I never really used Outlook’s To Do list. I tried a couple of times, but it became overwhelming and there was not enough functionality to assign deadlines, add notes and stratify tasks. So, I managed my To Do list in my Inbox and in my mind.Remember The Milk Logo

After a number of positive comments (or for short) I decided t try managing my life online. So far so good. This web 2.0 application is proving to be have enough boost of functionality to make it worthwhile. I am almost always wired, so I use it in my browser. There is a BlackBerry sync, but I have not tried that.

I will let you know if I stick with it.

6 thoughts on “To Do 2.0

  1. I’d be very interested in if this works well for you. I am searching for something similar and have had the same issues with Outlook.

  2. howdy – still sticking with it? about to give this a whirl. have you figured out the line between this and any tool you use to manage tasks/todos that apply to more than one person? thanks!

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