CPOE Update

Leapfrog has released a CPOE test. This does not appear to be the tool that Leapfrog promised in 2001. The tool was supposed to be developed by FCG. There is no mention of FCG (or their new owner, CSC) in the press release.

In 2008 Leapfrog won’t be releasing the results. However, the hospitals will need to pass the test in order to claim that they have fully implemented the CPOE leap. I am predicting this will be delayed. But, I am a skeptic. Perhaps I should not be. There has been a lot of positive progress at the Leapfrog Group in the short time since Leah Binder took office in March 2008. We are finally moving the CPOE leap from an honor system. That is to be applauded.

It will be interesting to see the impact on the total number of hospitals making the leap. If the test is added to the 2009 CPOE leap requirement I suspect we will see a decline of hospitals meeting that standard.

In January 2006 I counted 63 hospitals claiming to have made the CPOE leap and another 58 claiming to be within 12 months of that goal. This month I count 144 hospitals claiming CPOE implementations that meet Leapfrog definition. I will let you decide if that is good progress or not. Anecdotally, the three in my area that said they were 12 months away at the start of 2006 are still not claiming the leap. One is still 12 months away and the other two are now claiming to be in the planning stages. I guess that is the nature of an honor reporting system that has no real incentives.

I wish Leapfrog were doing more to publish an analysis of their surveys. I had to add up 50 different separate queries to do this math. There are still a lot of questions. What percent of hospitals submit a survey? What percent of those are claiming full implementation of CPOE and other leaps? Which software vendors are supporting CPOE? When I have spare time I will do some more investigation.

One thought on “CPOE Update

  1. I wouldnt waste your time. Not only is CPOE the biggest joke in the planet, its such a resource eater its possibly not worth it for most at this point.

    also, Leap Frog should not exist. Why it does is beyond me…..maybe enough funding from the vendors.


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