My ePrescribing experience

One of the best moves I have ever made was selecting and installing the Purkinje ePrescribing product. Purkinje sells an EHR product too, but I really cannot speak to that.

Purkinje uses the Software as Service model, so there is no server hardware to manage. You just need to set-up a secure connection to their data center over the Internet. The software is web-based, so we did not have a special client to install.

We have been using their ePrescribing tool for nearly 5 years and our physicians really have embraced it. It is very simple and our incidence of downtime and unavailability have been well within our expectation. Purkinje had some great functionality that the bigger players did not have when we made the purchase. Most importantly, the system has a lot of clinical content that reminds our doctors about clinical research and costs specific to the illness they are treating. So, for example, if a doctor is treating a hypertensive patient for the first time the system will provide the doctor a quick, unobtrusive alert that reminds them diuretics are the preferred first line of therapy in most patients and a fraction of the cost of most alternatives.

Purkinje Screen Shot (fit)

We were able to get rid of the prescription pads quickly.  I have heard many anecdotes about the system catching medication and allergy conflicts that might have otherwise been missed.

Through interfaces to our MEDITECH Magic HIS the doctor’s are able to select patients from their schedule that appears in the ePrescribing system. Each time the medication list is updated we send a report in MEDITECH so our patient’s medication list is available in MEDITECH’s PCI.

This is why I support Medicare’s push for electronic prescribing. Unlike the Leapfrog group’s poorly considered call for CPOE, ePrescribing is easily accomplished, commercially available and proven to truly be be beneficial to the health, safety and pocketbook of patients.

World Premier Video

Making it easy for physicians to do the right thing is the hallmark of our EHR initiative. This includes practicing medicine as supported by medical research (Evidence Based Medicine). Some physician claim this is cookbook medicine. This video is our response. The video is the brainchild of Dr. Pete Sanderson, Ministry’s talented CMIO. He makes a cameo in the video along with his Affinity counterpart, Dr. Paul Veregge.

My TEPR Presentation

Here is the presentation that Dr. Paul Veregge and I gave at TEPR 2006. Paul did all the work (thanks Paul):

Data Mining for Disease Management and Patient Communication

I call it the Poor Man’s EHR. It demonstrates how you can achieve many of the benefits of an EHR by data mining your existing systems. It is a great approach if you don’t have $60M in your pocket.