SaaS and the Enterprise

I hate desktop software. Every new application is a potential conflict with mission critical software. Then you have the effort of installing and updating. It is a terrible model for the enterprise. Wherever possible I am looking for Software as a Service (SaaS) option.

Adobe has a potentially great service in their CreatePDF SaaS offering (once they add the ability to manipuate PDFs online). The need to create and manipulate PDFs is wide-spread in my organization, but I don’t want to take on the burden of installing Acrobat or some similar app on hundreds of desktops.

Unfortunately Adobe is rolling CreatePDF as a consumer offering. A separate credit card for each use is not a model that works for the enterprise. People like me would be lining up for this service if there were a front-end where our Provisioning team could easily add and remove users and we could receive a quarterly invoice based on the number of users.

I think Adobe is missing the boat. DropBox is another cool app that does not have an enterprise model ( seems like a good enterprise alternative).

4 thoughts on “SaaS and the Enterprise

  1. If security can be guaranteed, the PDF route can be a cost effective concept for institutions to transfer information to clients anywhere using the SaaS model.

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