Home Phone Challenges in Patient Registration

I was speaking to some of the folks that head up admissions and registration at Affinity Health System this week. They shared with me that recently it has become very common for patients to have to look up their home phone numbers when registering. Usually they look it up on their cell phones.

I can think of a couple of times recently when I could not rattle off my home phone number like I had my entire life. I am glad to hear that this is the result of the shift in reliance to mobile phones, rather than my approach to age 50 (at least that is my claim).

In the future we will all be like Einstein.

3 thoughts on “Home Phone Challenges in Patient Registration

  1. Most of the younger generation rely so much on their cell phone that they never get a home phone when they move out on their own! Also, even foggier is the IP Address of the computer you use since it is needed by Internet service providrers for all of us to communicate with each other daily!


  2. It’s true! I’ve been married for 6 years now and my wife and I have not had a home phone for our entire marriage. Heck, I’m close to replacing our work phone system and traditional POTS service with Skype for business. No phones, just the computer with a USB or Bluetooth headset. Things are changing.

  3. And some people no matter how hard i try i cannot remember their number! ….. Don’t ask me why but sometimes I forget my own cell phone number. …
    Technology co-dependent.

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