Fool-proof Automated IT Support

Today we have unveiled a new IT self-service help site.  This site is based on new generation artificial intelligence that reviews and categorizes our database of closed incidents.  The result is a system that can anticipate the most likely resolution to a user’s problem, even before the system collects the details of the incident being reported.

While we have a huge investment in this proprietary technology, it is so revolutionary we are compelled to share it with the community.  Your feedback is greatly desired:

8 thoughts on “Fool-proof Automated IT Support

  1. Great link for a laugh! Although I think it should be randomized with a few different messages…

    -Have you tried turning it off and on?
    -Is the computer turned on? Is the monitor turned on?
    -Is it plugged in?

  2. OK, time to relay my favorite support story… true story as I was the technician.

    User calls computer store, can’t get brand new computer he just bought to come on. Ok, maybe something is wrong, after discussing, he brings back to store. We check, all works fine, he goes back home, same problem. Brings all back, we setup and test, all works fine… he goes home and still no go. This time I have him bring in everything he bought… he brings it all in, printer, monitor, cables, computer, surge protector, etc… I clear space in our repair center, have him hook everything up… he gets it all connected correctly, goes to plug the surge suppressor into the wall… “Hey, yours has 3 holes!” he exclaims… Incredulous, I respond “Yes… doesn’t yours?”. “No, I only have two holes in my outlets”. “So how have you been plugging that in?” I ask… “I Haven’t”.

    That isn’t the funniest part… as he is packing it all back up to take home, now with an adapter, I ask what he does for a living. “I teach Computer Science as the University”

    Sadly, it is the University I attended.

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