Other Bloggers at Work

There are actually other bloggers here (Ministry and/or Affinity).  I love this.  I work with so many bright people with something interesting to share.  I hope they inspire others to blog.

Pete Sanderson, MD

MD Leader is the blog I read most often, and am most close to.  It belongs to Pete Sanderson, MD.  He is Ministry’s CMIO.

Pete’s blog features both of his talents: healthcare IT and photography.  It is a surprising mix, but it really works.

Eric Haglund is on our IT leadership team.  His blog is called Appropriate IT.  I love his candor.

Michele Matucheski runs Affinity’s library.  She maintains a blog to update our staff and physicians regarding what is new at the library.  She also blogs to to communicate CME opportunities to the clinicians in our community, a great solution for reaching a lot of people outside of our network.  Michele also has a knitting and crafts blog which I do not visit as often.

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