Shopping Centers in Hospitals

The most retail sales, per square foot, take place in airports.  20 years ago, you were lucky to have an airport cafe.  Entrepreneurial organizations are now seeing the same growth potential in hospitals.

If organizations like Simply Retail have their way, our Starbucks kiosks will be the tip of the retail sales iceberg.  They are partnering with healthcare organizations to plan retail stores within their hospitals, especially new facilities.

I love the idea.  There are always people looking for time to pass, offering them a shopping experience is a win-win.  If only I could get one of my hospitals to open a Best Buy.

One thought on “Shopping Centers in Hospitals

  1. I can’t help but wonder it this trend will die back a bit with the coming (or are we here already) economy woes. Less discretionary income means people will go back to sitting while waiting. There seems to be more and more empty storefronts at many airports over the years. That said, I do see the Self Contained Mini-City model being the way of the future though. Even if the market is weak for it, Retail and Restaurant locations are very attractive for many entrepreneurs. And with either these, Location is huge, isn’t it? You need to be where the people are. If it’s a hospital, why not?

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