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I think the folks at the Affinity marketing department have passed me up in terms of web savviness. Earlier this decade I felt that they did not “get it” when it comes to the web. I had tried to retain control over the creative portion of the web site. Then, I would go to marketing andAMG Doctor make sure I got the logo and colors right.

But, with the demands of clinical IT I have not been able to make the web a priority. It turns out our web site did not need me. The Affinity marketing folks are putting my efforts to shame.

The most popular page on our web site (and nearly all healthcare provider web sites) is the jobs page. If you don’t have an online job application you are WAY behind the times. Time to jump on the clue train.

The second most popular area are those related to the find-a-physician function and the associated physician profiles. At Affinity we are using a technology called “Webouts” that make physician profiles pop off the page. Check it out:

I wish I had thought of that. But, I am more delighted that more and more people are seeing the web as an important aspect of nearly every organizational strategy and we are benefiting from the collective wisdom of the folks looking to leverage the web. Plus, it is really cool.

3 thoughts on “Hospital Web Sites

  1. Dr. Laughfer,

    I am the WebOuts representative in FL and you did a great job and yes Affinity does get it. This technology changes the dynamic of the business, we all need more communication before we make decision like picking a doctor and the Find Doctor service that Affinity offers is perfect. I am actually talking to a number of hospitals here in FL about a similar program. Keep the comments coming.

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