Google Maps Snaps My House

Only a nerd like me would be excited about this.  Streetview is an awesome feature of Google Maps.  It allows you to see 360 pictures of the streets in Google maps.  Google has mostly taken pictures of the streets in big cities.

Yesterday, Just as I was arriving home from work there was a car with a fancy camera mounted on a pole that extended high above the roof.  On the side of the car was a  magnetic Google sign.  I recognized it as the car that takes the Streeview pictures.  I hope it caught me in my car.  I was amazed that Google was already photographing the streets of this relatively small town.

I wonder how long it will take for the pictures to appear.  I will check periodically.  If there are pictures of my car or houe I will post the link.

7 thoughts on “Google Maps Snaps My House

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing these Google images.

    Lately I’ve been impressed with Microsoft’s maps as well. They have some very recent “birds eye” photos of Appleton. I think they were taken last winter or early spring. If you live in Appleton, check it out at

    If the “Birds Eye” function is available, be sure to turn it on. I can actually spot my car at my in-laws house.

  2. I have asked Google to remove the online images of my home, three times now. (They have yet to comply.) Is this an invasion of our privacy?
    What possible use does a stranger have to view my neighborhood?

  3. There is a picture of me in my driveway when I search my address in Google maps. Kind of freaky to see myself out there watering the plants on the hill. But when I search for larger houses or landmarks in my neighborhood they don’t have pics. Very weird that they’d take a pic of me and not the big store just down the street.

  4. Funny I put in my parents address and as I was zooming in on the back yard I saw my dad sitting in his smoking chair, clear as day! It is hilarious!

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