The No Bid List

Managing vendor performance is a key part of my job.  When a vendor does not meet expectations they are placed on “The List.”  I tend to have a long memory and it can be hard to work your way off the list.  Especially since it means we don’t allow those vendors to bid on work.  I need to validate my worth to my organization every day.  I have the same expectations of our vendors.

2 thoughts on “The No Bid List

  1. I found that the experience with larger vendors, in particular with outsourcing vendors, was ambivalent due to highly discounted service rates and mediocre service, with the relationship often being lost in “transacton.” Can you comment on performance of smaller vendors versus large vendors? Observations?

  2. A view from the other side.
    As a Service Executive for a vendor, I have to ask some questions. Is the Vendors single point of contact the Sales Rep? If so, maybe we need to ask more questions up front. Who is responsible for my projects implementation? Who is responsible for service management after implementation? When does that transition of responsibility happen? You would be surprised that this is not always immediate. Demand an escalation contact list. Make test calls to those contacts. Make a test call the service desk and measure the response time. If your project is sizable, ask if it will be project managed. Request the credentials of that project manager. Most important, it is often the individual that is serving your account that is the issue. No organization has it written in their mission to how bad they can ignore the client. Ask for a change of representation. I have experienced that one of my customers have been slow to respond to excellent service since I have taken over their account, though their staff email accolades to both my leadership and their own about positive change in the direction of the account. From my point of view this is unfair but understanding the customer I continue to look for their slow change. Anybody can provide a product or service. You should be shopping for the vendor who will provide great customer service. If they sell it and don’t provide it, demand it. My job is to ensure you are wowed. My company’s customer service rules require it. I’m proud to work for them. Don’t shoot the king because the messenger delivered the wrong message. Shoot the messenger.

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