How NOT to use Powerpoint

Cute video regarding common PowerPoint mistakes.  Forward it to your favorite offender:

How NOT to use Powerpoint by David Airey of Creative Design

I would add my own presentation tips:

  • NEVER use animation – life is too short
  • Don’t use notes – they kill the spontaneity
  • Don’t over-rehearse – I don’t like robots
  • If you find yourself saying “again” you are being redundant, it is OK if the presentation goes quickly

5 thoughts on “How NOT to use Powerpoint

  1. Thanks! … And let me explain. I’m basically a non-Luddite working in a Luddite filled office and am therefore subjected to a depressing number of sadly lackluster Powerpoint presentations — I’ve forwarded your tips to my co-workers and am hoping for the best.

  2. I think that under rehearsing is the big key. As the video suggests the reason why people have so many words on their slides is because they have not rehearsed what they want to say.

    I always suggest that people rehearse their presentations four times, one of which should be in front of a live audience.

  3. Nice and Interesting Tips , as a developer/ designer i always said
    Too Much Effects Kill The Effect …..
    Simple and Practical presentation should be usable not full of animations and effects .

  4. Sure, don’t use animations if you don’t want them to listen to you. They’ll just read the slide rather than listening to what you have to say. Of course, if this is fine then you should have just sent them the information so they could read it themselves. Presentations should just have animations on by default.

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