Y2K7 Bug

Hopefully you realize that the start of Daylight Savings Time (DST) is changing this year thanks to US Energy Policy Act of 2005. Software vendors have been unbelievably slow to get out software patches to accommodate this. We started seeing bad calendar entries in Outlook/Exchange before we could get all of our servers and desktops patched. Only today did we get a patch for our BlackBerries. This cam in the form of a firmware upgrade, which is difficult to roll-out.

If you haven’t been working your mitigation plan you are behind the 8-ball. I have to recognize our tech team, they have done a fantastic job of analyzing the problem and putting together an appropriate response.

This problem really has not gotten the press play that it deserves. The problem is probably more of a real problem than the Y2K problem, but we are spending less than 1% of the effort to mitigate it. Of course we blew that silly thing so far out of proportion 1% is probably the right level of effort.

I have put together this communication to educate our organizations: Y2K7 Communication to Leaders

I would be curious to learn what others are doing.

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