6 thoughts on “Welcome British People

  1. Here’s how you handle it, accept the offer – World Cup Travel/Tickets, Baseball tickets, etc.

    Immediately find the nearest blood drive and give them tickets – allow them to promote it – give blood and be eligible for a World Cup trip – and even put an Avaya on the blood drive posters.

    I say take the tickets, give them to charity, its like robin hood but without the tights.

    I can only envision the AVAYA CEO meeting Mr. and Mrs. Smith from Wisconsin and how excited they would be.



  2. Will, plus they don’t realize that as Americans most of us aren’t as interested in World Cup soccer as they are. Offer the writer a free ticket to a Packers or Badgers game

  3. They weren’t trying to be funny, and they certainly weren’t laughing at you. They were holding you up as an example of someone with ethics. With the last sentence they were just saying that unfortunately for every single respectable, ethical person there are any number of others who will just take whatever they can get.

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