Hey Microsoft: it is EHR – not HER

I have identified the single greatest contribution that Microsoft can make to healthcare.

They need to remove the Auto Correct option in the office applications that turns “EHR” into “HER”. I am so tired of correcting Microsoft’s correction. I realize that this can be turned off through options. But, I use many computers (including Citrix). And everytime I get a new one I have to make this change.

I also know that this could probably be fixed globally with some good desktop management tools and a registry change (let me know if you know where this resides). However, my desktop management fokls have not figured this out yet.

It seems like Bill Crounse would have enough pull to have Microsft make this fix globally.

2 thoughts on “Hey Microsoft: it is EHR – not HER

  1. EHR -> HER Solution:

    What you can do is iteratively build a commonly used words (relevant to your company or healthcare industry) into a custom.dic and tell Desktop Management team to push this into all users machines and Citrix Boxes. Hope this helps..!!

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