HIMSS: Day 1

Everything is going smoothly in my travels, unlike those on the East coast. It sounds like many MEDITECHers won’t arrive until Tuesday due to the weather.

When I travel my goal is to keep my expenses so minimal that it isn’t worth submitting them for reimbursement (other than lodging and airfare). Ground transportation is an expense that can really add up. The great thing about San Diego is that you can take the city bus from the airport to downtown for 2.25. I had about a half mile walk to the Hyatt from there.

Speaking of the Hyatt…I made my lodging reservations way too late. The hotel problems for this conference are well known. Luckily CHIME books a block of hotels for member CIOs. That saved my bacon.

I worked at the University of California – San Diego Medical Center in my consulting days. During that gig I remember waking up every morning and saying “this is the most beautiful day God ever made.” That is still the case. It is a beautiful day. I went for a run along the harbor and I loved every minute (except the running part).

Now I am getting ready to head over to the HIMSS welcoming reception (I will be fashionably late). My big decision is clothing. I am torn between business attire and a shorts/Hawaiian shirt combo. Maybe I will compromise.

Then it is off to the Meet The Bloggers event. It will be great to see my friends in the blogosphere.

One thought on “HIMSS: Day 1

  1. Be sure to check out Care Systems (booth #5917). I used to work for them and they’re great guys with very innovative scheduling technology.

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