Project Plans and Statements of Work

I am not an expert in project planning, but at a minimum they should include:

  • a list of tasks;
  • details regarding what those tasks involved (not just one liners);
  • a deliverable for each task;
  • the accountable party;
  • the dependencies between the tasks; and
  • estimated durations of each task.

Some of the junk project plans that I see from vendors are very sad. I am not sure if they are poor planners or if they are just trying to keep things ambiguous to close their sale. I suspect it is both.

Notice: I mentioned that we are developing project plans before the sale. A detailed project plan and a detailed statement of work should be part of any significant IT contract. What I have traditionally seen take place for the first two months after a contract is signed would be better handled before the contract signing so both parties have a common understanding of the initiative.

3 thoughts on “Project Plans and Statements of Work

  1. In my view a SOW included the commitments (read “promises”) that the internal personnel are making to each other. I submit that it is MUCH more important to make the promises to ourselves before we make them to vendors!

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