Beer and Thinkpads

I received the following invitation from IBM to look at the new Thinkpads. The event is being held at the Miller brewery and includes a beer tasting. A skeptic (which I am) might think that IBM is resorting to getting its customers drunk in order to get them to buy their computers. But, I really think this has a lot more to do with Wisconsin culture than the IBM products…

Dear Mr.Weider, Per the phonemail I left you earlier today… I’m the IBM client rep that’s responsible for working with Affinity Health System. I’d like to invite you (attached .pdf file) to an IBM Think Smart Technology Briefing. We will be conducting an overview of our PC/ThinkPad product strategies in Milwaukee on Tues 4/26… these sessions are typically conducted by folks from our HQ/Executive Briefing Center– really top notch– and would be well worth your time. As you can see– session is being held at Miller Brewing– even having a brewery tour afterwards… bottomline– this would provide excellent introductory opportunity to the IBM/Lenovo business and product strategies… would your team be interested in attending?

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