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  1. RE: “Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck”

    Will, have you ever attended one of Edward Tufte’s seminars? He’s a genius with visual presentation of data. He was a member of the board that reviewed the Shuttle Challenger disaster, and he firmly believes that the misuse of PowerPoint presentations in presenting technical information about the o-rings contributed significantly to the decision to launch.


    –Bob Schaettle
    Olmsted Medical Center
    Rochester, Minnesota

    • I’ve attended an Edward Tufte (ET) workshop and also have read a few of his books. Excellent Stuff! Although to be correct, I believe it was Richard Feynman, noted Physicist who presented to the Challenger Investigative Board a very realistic example of the o-ring fragility. ET compares and contrasts this example with poor visual information design that was presented. You can find his books plus more at his website http://www.edwardtufte.com

  2. I agree with your comments about project failure and offer another large contributor – lack of defined scope. My belief is that if scope is not defined up front, then nothing is out of scope, leading to project failure.
    I have a list of tenets for project success and failure on my web site that have been culled from many years as a project director.
    PS – great blog.

  3. No comment just a query. I am a doctoral student beginning my dissertation “Sarbanes-Oxley ~ Organization Redesign: Human Factor Analysis. My query: Would you be willing to participate in my qualitative research study? The exploration is to hear what the Chief Officers’ have experienced with implementing SOX – be they Public or Private organizations. There is a belief that such ‘bleeding’ , story telling of the good, bad and ugly experiences will bring about the building blocks of a template for those yet to experience implementing SOX in their organization.
    Thank you for your time in reading and considering participating. Should you lean towards participating, I will send you my ‘Participation Request’ Letter – phase #1.

    Thank You Again and looking forward to your response.

    Helen M. Corino-Coen

  4. This is terrific, Will. I now have it on my Favorites.

    Did you stay for the conclusion Saturday. It actually turned out toe be an effective working session. I was with Dan Neufelder’s Doers group. We had a hoot.

    Enjoyed re-connecting with you, and making my committment to do that 1/2 marathon this Fall.

    Best to you, Bob D

  5. Dear Will Weider,

    Actuate Corporation is in the process of researching blogs and found your blog of interest. We would like to blog on topics that pertain to our business such as business intelligence, enterprise reporting, financial services, web 2.0, rich internet applications, etc. We are writing you to find out ff you accept topics for blogging or if we can submit articles to you. Please let us know if these options are possible and if there are any costs associated.

    About Actuate:
    Actuate Corporation is dedicated to increasing the richness, interactivity and effectiveness of enterprise data, for everyone, everywhere. Actuate delivers the next generation RIA-ready information platform for both customer and employee-facing applications. Its proven RIA capabilities and highly collaborative development architecture are backed by the world’s largest open source information application developer community, grounded in BIRT, the Eclipse Foundation’s only top level Business Intelligence and reporting project.

    The company has over 4,200 customers globally in a diverse range of business areas which have a long history of deploying Actuate-based solutions for dozens, or even hundreds of their mission-critical applications. For more information visit: http://www.actuate.com

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Michelle Fong
    Market Development Intern
    Actuate Corporation
    2207 Bridgepointe Parkway, Suite 500
    San Mateo, CA 94404
    Office: 650-645-3474
    Cell: 415-254-8577
    Email: mfong@actuate.com

  6. Will,
    This is a great blog! I’ve read some of the posts and have enjoyed them. On Sept 8th, I begin my 40th year—hard to believe! There are still many challenges. Most of all I appreciate the years I worked with you and you provided leadership and support to move the library into the digital environment. The library can’t operate without the 24×7 access for all of the decisions that need to be made by all levels of healthcare providers. Have a great day.

  7. Dear Will,

    I work for CNSI, a global IT software services and solutions company, serving more than 40 customers from 8 locations in the US and India. With more than 1200 professionals worldwide, CNSI has invested in state of the art infrastructure and maintains a Center of Excellence located at Gaithersburg, MD and a Technology Development Center in Chennai, India.

    CNSI employs a large pool of SMEs in the area of Healthcare and has been a leader in the Healthcare industry for over 10 years. Our healthcare solutions combine this experience with proven methodologies to address today’s business challenges and help customers to be prepared for the future. Using CNSI‘s mature delivery model we are executing multi-year healthcare projects, ranging in size from $30 million to $180 million.

    Our focus on delivering value and reducing overall TCO for our customers, has ensured that we realize over 75% of our revenue from existing customers.

    CNSI has developed solutions primarily for Healthcare Payer organizations. Our expertise in healthcare include solutions for:

    1. Claims Adjudication
    2. Member Enrollment
    3. Provider Enrollment
    4. Prior Authorization
    5. Case Management
    6. Managed Care
    7. Eligibility Determination
    8. Provider Network Management
    9. Rate Administration and Payment Processing
    10. HIPAA and EDI Centric Services
    11. COTS Implementation and Integration (SeeBeyond, Edifecs, Filenet, and others)
    12. Siebel CRM Services
    13. Business Intelligence

    Our technical capabilities include application development, maintenance & support, SOA and Web Services, application migration and independent testing to name a few. Our expertise in infrastructure services range from data centre and networks to servers and databases.

    CNSI has delivered proven solutions and sustained long-term relationships with key customers like Health and Human Services organizations in Eastern, Western and Central states of USA, AMTRAK, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), US Census Bureau, Department of Homeland Security, and other customers throughout the United States.

    CNSI just recently was recognized by the Office of the Governor of Michigan and awarded the annual “Director’s Choice Award” for our work in developing and rolling out an integral part of Michigan’s Medicaid Management Information System. We want to be your vendor of choice as well.
    I would like an opportunity to talk to you about how we can add value to your business with our information technology and Healthcare industry expertise. Our engagement and delivery models have proven time and again that we have reduced TCO and thereby increased the returns on investment for our customers.
    I shall contact you within the week to arrange a convenient date/time for a meeting to discuss your challenges, and how CNSI can help Affinity Health System. I look forward to hearing you soon and hope that we can establish a mutually beneficial relationship, based on capabilities, trust and value.


    Shobana Sai
    Business Development
    Office: 301.634.4589

  8. I have attended many Tufte seminars. I have the map of Napolean’s death march to Russia over my desk, which shows how he has 6 otr 7 variables tracking on two dimensional paper…direction, location, temperature, troop strength, geographical landmarks, etc.

    Tufte has a great example of how the Space Challenger disaster could have been avoided by using his data visualization techniques

  9. Thanks for posting your emloyee social media engagement guidelines. A tough issue facing lots of companies right now. Curious – did you simply post this on your corporate Web site and distribute via email to employees? Found this on Twitter via TrendTracker. Also, FYI, you have a typo in your About Me on your blog – need an “s” after physicians 🙂

  10. Hi,
    Just curious as to where to locate documentation that supports the “Time to Kill it” I have seen others make similar comments but have not found the documents to support it.

    But I do have a question what is a doc to do if he goes ahead and obtains an app whch complies with MU but the app does not certify (for cost reason the developer chooses not to)?


  11. Hi Will,

    Thanks for sharing your insight EHR Incentives. I believe that is a feeling across the country currently. Well done.

    Thanks Barry!

  12. Thank you for the blog post you made about FCG Consulting. Your words about “the good old days” reminded me to apprciate the job I have right now….

    David Green

  13. Thank you for donating to the Comettes project ! I am the drummer ( Jettie ) ‘s mom. I was on tour with them in Chicago, Milwaukee and Lawrence. They were all fabulous shows , I hope you saw them perform. The Lumineers want them to tour again so we need the CD to continue. Again thank you for supporting !!! Patricia

  14. I wanted to take a quick minute and thank you for taking the time to share the experiences of you and your team. I’ve often benefited from your perspective and comments on a number of subjects but like many blog readers have read the posts, benefited and walked away without taking the time to get engaged in the conversation or comment. I figured the least I could do was say thanks and I look forward to the next post

  15. Hi Will. Just finished reading “The Phoenix Project” and caught your name in the acknowledgements. Prefontaine, huh? Quite a tribute, considering how much I loved the book. I never had the opportunity to work for you, but my guess is it would have been awesome.

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