Still Candid

This is a personal update.

For the last 16 years I have been the CIO at Affinity Health System and Ministry Health Care. That run comes to an end this month.

So, now I am going to take several weeks off. Initially I had grand ideas: backpack across Europe, bicycle across the US, or through hike the Appalachian Trail. But, after consultation with my wife, Pam, I have more grounded plans:

  1. Spend more time on my numerous community activities in downtown Appleton.
  2. Spend time reading about healthcare IT; blog; and network with interesting people in my field with whom I had lost contact (connect with me on LinkedIn and we can catch up).
  3. I have also been given a list of things to fix around the house.

When summer comes I will get serious about deciding what I will do next. While I love being a CIO, I also love living near my adult daughters: Amy (Chicago) and Mary (Appleton). So, I may be returning to my consulting roots and hitting the road. Either way, I am eager to share what I have learned in 22 years as a CIO.

Transitions are a time full of different emotions. I have been through them all. At this point I am mostly feeling satisfied with what I have accomplished and excited about starting a new life chapter.

The best thing about leaving an organization is the number of kind notes that you receive and how much insight others have about your strengths and contributions. I cherish the many emails and notes I have received.

For the last couple of years I have been transitioning our IT division to Ascension Information Systems (AIS). A move that is the natural outcome of Ministry’s acquisition by Ascension, the nation’s largest non-profit hospital chain. That transition is complete and the team I was privileged to lead is now following an exciting national strategy set by Ascension’s excellent CIO, Gerry Lewis. Those IT employees are in good hands and I thank AIS for taking such good care of those people and me.

More to come…

7 thoughts on “Still Candid

  1. Ministry Health Care’s loss is our gain. I look forward to the extra time you’ll have to blog. You always have such great insights. I’d love to do a video interview with you to look back at your experiences and talk about where HIT is headed once you’re done with your break.

  2. Hi Will, good luck it will be interesting to see you blogging again. Being a recovering CIO myself after decades of 4-5 hours of sleep a night I can tell you the outcome of doing something completely different is quite invigoring! Warning: it took me about 9 months to not wake at 5:30 am each and every morning. Best thing now is get some sleep. Good luck. Phil Wasson, formerly from Affinity.

  3. Hi Will, congratulations and best of luck on your new adventure! Can’t wait to see your blogs and I know for a fact Buck will have lots of room in his new boat for you to refresh your fishing skills! There is also plenty of room in our 1/2 marathon if you need to refresh your running shoes! Take care!


  4. I also look forward to seeing your blog. I only met you a few times but enjoyed listening to you speak on various topics, mostly IT. I remember you talking about your daughter switching universitys to be closer to home. Enjoy the time you have now with them. Something great will come of this change. Leaving healthcare was a good decision for me. Best of luck to you!

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